British Government Gives $357 Million to Global Warming Fund, Has No Idea How It Was Spent

British Government Gives $357 Million to Global Warming Fund, Has No Idea How It Was Spent

How generous are British taxpayers. They showered $357 million in foreign aid upon a global warming fund, without even needing to know what would become of the money:

The United Kingdom gave taxpayer funds to the Strategic Climate Fund (SCF), but when The Times asked how the cash was spent, the government said it “does not hold the information relevant to your request” and instructed interested parties to visit the SCF’s website.

SCF’s website doesn’t say how the money was spent, and lists projects it funds without stating where it received the cash.

Many of SCF’s projects are located in countries like Haiti, Yemen and Cambodia, which have long histories of government corruption.

The global warming movement also has a long history of corruption; you might say that the entire concept of coercively spending other people’s money on whimsical attempts to improve the weather is corrupt. If you give the people running Haiti and Yemen free money to make it stop being hot out, it is safe to assume that the result will not be cooler weather.

The U.S. government created SCF in 2008 to slow down global warming, but the U.S. has threatened to stop giving … any cash to it due to corruption concerns. The U.S. Department of the Treasury only donated $49.9 million to the Fund in 2015.

I suppose we should be grateful that only $49.9 million was flushed down this particular toilet.

The reason British bureaucrats don’t track where the money went is that they don’t care. Only a lunatic would actually believe that throwing money at dysfunctional Third World hellholes will stop the climate from fluctuating. Giving away other people’s money to leftist causes is an end in itself. It proves what large-hearted liberals they are.

Spending on global warming visualized.

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