Brrrrr! It’s Cold In Copenhagen!

Maybe they should have thought about the venue. Having a meeting on globull warming, er, excuse me, climate change, in a place that gets chilly in December might not have been the best of ideas (not to mention that having it in Europe gives the unhinged lefty protesters easier access to cause mayhem.)

COPENHAGEN: World leaders will meet to tackle global warming – in the snow.

The temperature in Copenhagen, where a landmark UN summit on climate change is taking place, is tipped to hit minus ten degrees Celsius this week.

Snow is expected to start falling on Sunday and continue through to the last day of the summit on Friday.

A white Christmas may please Denmark’s children but Copenhagen in the depths of winter is an odd setting to highlight the dangers of a warming world.

Basically, they are all freezing, and have quickly learned that things are rather expensive in Copenhagen, like warm clothes. For the next 5 days, Copenhagen’s high temperature is expected to be anywhere from 1 to 8 degrees (F) below normal, with a chance of snow Thursday and Friday.

BTW, those of you in and near Washington, D.C., expect major snow the 1st and 2nd of February, as the UN IPCC comes to town.

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