Bummer: AGW So Bad That A Grand Solar Minimum Would Barely Make A Dent

Why? Because you refuse to give up your fossil fueled travel, still have a fridge with an ice maker, and dare to use hair spray before work

(UK Guardian) Recent articles in the Danish newspaper Jyllands-Posten (translation available here) and in the Irish Times both ran headlines claiming that another grand solar minimum could potentially trigger an “ice age” or “mini ice age” this century. These articles actually refer to the Little Ice Age (LIA) — a period about 500 to 150 years ago when global surface temperatures were approximately 1:°C colder than they are today. This is quite different from an ice age, which are more like 5:°C colder than today. The LIA was not actually very cold on a global scale.

Oh, really?

Of course, the idea is to say that the LIA was simply a localized incident, mostly in Europe (it was worldwide), while also attempting to erase much of the deep cold of the LIA.

So, in order to trigger another LIA, a new grand solar minimum would have to cause about 1:°C cooling, plus it would have to offset the continued human-caused global warming of 1 to 5:°C by 2100, depending on how our greenhouse gas emissions change over the next century.

And boom, science just went out the window in favor of reading tea leaves and looking into crystal balls. The Warmists models have failed spectacularly, as they did not predict this current pause in warming, which has increased a statistically insignificant .14F since 1997. Most of that warming came during the El Nino years. Other data shows a 0.0F increase since 2000. But, since 1999 some data shows a decrease of 2.4F per century for the US lower 48. Climate models really are complete disasters.

Of course, the same Guardian article also trots out the notion that all the warmth is doing a Where’s Waldo? in the deep oceans, which Warmists are expanding on ever-more. The article ends thusly

The science is quite clear that the human influence on climate change has become bigger than the sun’s. At this point, speculation about another mini ice age is pure fantasy.

Yup, cult. Yet the members of the cult refuse to modify their own behavior to comply with their pronouncements, which should tell you all you need to know about their true motives, namely that they are political, creating bigger and bigger government with more control over people and private entities, and not about science.

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