Bummer: Antarctica Rescuers Having Trouble With All That Globull Warming Ice

Yesterday, Anthony Watts noted that the Australian ship, Aurora Australis, was having lots and lots of trouble with all that climate change ice, and had slowed to a crawl, with no open water in sight. Well, there’s a problem with the Chinese vessel, too

(Fox News) An Australian icebreaker carrying 52 passengers who were retrieved from an icebound ship in the Antarctic was told to halt its journey home on Friday after a Chinese vessel involved in the dramatic rescue became concerned that it, too, may get stuck in the heavy sea ice.

The icebreaker Aurora Australis had been slowly cracking through thick ice toward open water after a Chinese helicopter on Thursday plucked the passengers from their stranded Russian research ship and carried them to the Aurora.

But on Friday afternoon, the crew of a Chinese icebreaker that had provided the helicopter said they were worried about their own ship’s ability to move through the ice. The Aurora — which was carrying the passengers to the Australian island state of Tasmania — was told to stay in the area in case the Chinese icebreaker Snow Dragon needs help, according to the Australian Maritime Safety Authority’s Rescue Coordination Centre, which oversaw the rescue.

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It really is like some sort of Monty Python sketch. Or, is that Benny Hill? Or maybe like MSNBC’s ratings? Anthony also notes something else: the idiot climatologists may be responsible for getting stuck in the ice

The real answer to that event lies in the blog of the Australian green politician on-board, Janet Rice. WUWT commenter Aphan gave us the scoop from her log on how the stage was set for getting stuck, because the passengers weren’t heeding the captain’s warning quickly enough. Clearly the captain knew what was coming, but the passengers were just too slow. He couldn’t abandon them, so he had to wait, and this delay put the ship in jeopardy.

The Warmists thought they would be able to make some sort of statement about how all the ice in Antarctica was melting and it was all the fault of Mankind, and did not take the weather seriously. Steven Goddard has data which shows a 60% increase in Antarctic ice since 1992.

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