Bummer: “Climate Change” Bad For Santa Or Something

Continuing the 25 Days Of Climate Christmas

Tough sledding ahead for Santa

This Christmas is turning out to be a potentially bad season for Santa Claus.

The North Pole is melting and as it shrinks there’s the danger that it will reveal the location of the secret workshop where Santa and the elves spend most of the year making toys, cleverly disguising their origin by labeling them “Made in China.”

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Moreover, as the ice melts, nations are beginning to lay claim to segments of the Pole in the belief that under the ice cap there are oil, gas and mineral deposits in addition to a super-efficient toy factory.

And then writer Dale McFeatters makes fun of Santa’s out of season and PETA enraging clothing. Fortunately, if this winter becomes the 5th out of the last 6 to be heavy…

Scientist: Heavier Snow Just One Climate Change Impact in Ohio

From heavier snowfall and rainfall to record-setting summer temperatures, many experts say climate change is happening in Ohio.

That’s how you know it’s a cult. No Warmist can tell you what conditions would disprove anthropogenic “climate change”, and no matter what happens, climate change is to blame.

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