Bummer: “Climate Change” Will Lead To Total Collapse Of Ocean’s Food Chains

All because you, dear reader, refuse to give up your fossil fueled travel to and from work, refuse to give up your ice-maker, refuse to buy local, and refuse to use just two squares of toilet paper. For shame!

Climate change will lead to food chain collapse across world’s oceans, study finds

CLIMATE change will lead to a complete food chain collapse across the world’s oceans, an Adelaide university study has found.

Increased ocean acidification and warming is set to reduce numbers of and diversity in key species underpinning ecosystems across the world, University of Adelaide associate professor Ivan Nagelkerken says.

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He also says the warmer water will boost the metabolic rates of animals, increasing competition for less food.
“There will be a species collapse from the top of the food chain down,” Prof Nagelkerken said on Tuesday.

He said this “simplification” of ocean ecosystems would have dire consequences for our way of life, particularly regions relying primarily on fishing.

So, complete and utter doom. This is what’s known as “responsible science” these days. Prognostications of the end of life as we know it, based on junk science.

Very few organisms are expected to be able to adjust to warmer waters and acidification, with the exception of microorganisms, which are expected to increase in number and diversity.

Interestingly, these same organisms have survived previous warm periods, many of which have been much warmer in the Holocene. They’ve survived cool periods and ice ages. This is all the worst kind of alarmism from the Cult of Climastrology. But, it is exactly what we have come to expect from them, as they continue to trot out scary story after scary story in an attempt to force far left political policy solutions on the world.

It bears repeating: satellite data shows an almost 19 years pause from RSS, and a statistically insignificant warming from others. We’ve seen a measly 1.4F increase in global temperatures since 1850. Nothing doomworthy about all this. The Cult’s computer models have been almost complete failures. Their talking points have failed to materialize. If this was a real science, they would have abandoned it long ago, after the utter failure of 30+ years of spreading awareness.

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