Bummer: Dull Leaves “Spectre Of Climate Change”

Obviously, we’re doomed or something

(Post Gazette) Unusually warm October weather and less September rain explain why leaves failed to produce brilliant splashes of gold, orange, red and purple, with many remaining green into the first week of November.

It also raises the spectre of climate change.

Every year has seasonal variations, but some scientists say this year may be a harbinger of a more likely occurrence in coming years — warmer temperatures pushing back the peak foliage season from the third week of October to later in the month or even early November. Such a trend also forebodes duller leaf coloration.

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In Warmist world, everything is harbinger of doom, all because Someone Else drove a fossil fueled vehicle and refuses to unplug ever appliance not in use from the wall outlet. If it was rainy in September, they’d complain about that. Interestingly, the article fails to note that most of the year was very cool

Warmer fall temperatures and resulting duller leaves also signal that local tree species, including sugar maples, will begin migrating northward with other plant and animal species, in search of ideal climate. More extreme temperatures, storms and droughts are anticipated.


The Appalachian State University biology department has published a position paper that duller autumn colors portend problems.

“Although less brilliant fall foliage displays may not rank high on the list of concerns about global change, those muted colors could be the canary in the mine shaft telling us that these shifts could be markers for more subtle and potentially more consequential changes in our world,” states its essay, “Will Global Climate Change Affect Fall Colors?”

“A tree stressed is a symptom that something larger is wrong with our world. Our civilizations depend on healthy, functioning ecosystems for services such as clean water, erosion control and clean air, not to mention food, fiber and shelter.”

See? Doom. Something larger is wrong with our world. Because the world has never been warmer or something. There weren’t multiple warm periods going back 7,000+ years during the stable part of the Holocene. It’s not like the majority of the country was below average or something during

Are we really doomed from, at best, a 2-4 degree F anomaly for some of the country during a short period of time? Is there anything there that denotes anthropogenic “climate change”, or is this simply the way nature and natural forces work?

A good chunk is below average, some is just a bit above average. Just another year in the wacky and typical climate of the Earth. 20 years ago people would have simply complained about dull fall foliage (it’s pretty impressive around here in Raleigh, such as it has started). Now, they whine about doom from fossil fuels and plastic bottles (please recycle them).

(Data from High Plains Regional Climate Center)

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