Bummer: EPA Told That ‘Climate Change’ Would Be De-Emphasized

Bummer: EPA Told That ‘Climate Change’ Would Be De-Emphasized

Perhaps now the EPA could spend its time dealing with real environmental issues

(Business Insider) Members of a key Environmental Protection Agency advisory committee were told in a conference call on Wednesday that the Trump administration wants a “de-emphasis” on climate change across the agency, according to two people who were on the call.

Speaking to members of the Board of Scientific Counselors , EPA officials from the Office of Research Development said that “climate change will be de-emphasized by the administration,” according to Peter Meyer, who resigned from one of BOSC’s five subcommittees in May.

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The 30-minute conference call — led by Robert Kavlock, acting assistant administrator of the ORD — largely focused on praising members of the key scientific review board and encouraging non-renewed members to reapply for their seats, according to Meyer and Elena Craft, a member of one of BOSC’s five subcommittees. Both were on the call.

Well, that’s strange, an administration not wanting to spend time on a fake issue.

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