Bummer: Globull Warming May Affect California Wine Country

Are you ready for another deep scientific study on the climate change hoax?

(LA Times) In the next 30 years, high-value vineyards in Northern California could shrink by 50% because of global warming, according to a new Stanford University study released Thursday.

Applying scenarios from the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change, scientists used a climate system computer model and found that Napa and Santa Barbara counties could experience very hot days during the growing season, with temperatures reaching 95 Fahrenheit or higher. The number of hot days will be greater, they say, with about 10 more sweltering days than usual.

As a result, the amount of grape-growing land is projected to decline over the next three decades, the authors wrote.

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First off, there’s that deeply scientific word “could”. Then, we learn that Stanford was using the failed IPCC computer models. Third, they probably expect no one to remember this “study” 30 years from now.

Fourth, 95 degrees or higher? Seriously? The average high for Santa Barbara in August, the hottest month of the year, is 79 degrees F. So, they are whipping out the crystal ball and proclaiming there will be a 16 degree or more uptick in 30 years?

“It’s risky for a grower to make decisions that consider climate change, because those decisions could be expensive and the climate may not change exactly as we expect,” Diffenbaugh said. “But there’s also risk in decisions that ignore global warming, because we’re finding that there are likely to be significant localized changes in the near term.”

Huh what? It’s “global warming”, but there could be “significant localized changes”? These people do think you’re stupid. The solution is to “integrate climate information into their cultivation and practices”, which means they need to reach out to climate hoax promoting companies which, for a large fee, will provide information.

BTW, wine growers here in hot North Carolina seem to be doing very well.

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