Surprise: A Greener Earth Is A Big Problem!

Do you remember the articles a few months ago about the Earth getting greener? This was, of course, blamed solely (there are a lot of articles, to be sure) on the rise of CO2 by Warmists, what the Cult of Climastrology calls “carbon pollution.” Even though a goodly chunk was from regrowth programs in China and Russia. This is apparently a Very Bad thing, showing that you just can’t win with Warmists

Who Knew Living on a Greener Earth was a Problem?

When you see rolling hills of lush, green grass and trees, you probably think to yourself, “right on!” Well, don’t celebrate just yet because apparently, a greener Earth is actually a bad thing.

All this confusing research comes from a new study that was printed in the journal Nature Climate Change. The big conclusion of the study was, yes, the Earth has become significantly greener over the past 33 years, but that greening is because of all the carbon dioxide humans have been pumping into the air.

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Scientists came to their conclusion by using “satellites to examine vegetation growth over time, assuming that the extra green is coming from leaves on plants and trees,” Grist reports.

“Using a computer model to estimate leaf growth, they find the extra greening is equivalent to adding about 18 million square kilometers of vegetated land to the globe, more than twice the area of the mainland U.S.”

One would think a greener Earth would be a good thing, especially in light of the urbanization of so much of the planet. You know, the concrete jungles where the Warmists tend to live, far removed from actual nature. Except when they take long fossil fueled trips to visit nature and Make A Statement. And, you know, Warmists, having subsumed real environmental concerns, become hysterical over the loss of forests and jungles. But….

Now, technically, Earth greening isn’t so bad—plants love soaking up carbon. But the problem is, there’s no way all of Earth’s plants can soak up all the carbon we’re releasing. “All that extra plant growth can’t keep up with the 40 billion tons of carbon dioxide humans dump into the atmosphere every year,” Grist explains. Also, another problem: A lot of the world’s greening is happening in the arctic. Yeah, that’s not good.

So, let’s hope humans will actually find a way we all can agree on that will help us cut carbon emissions extensively so the planet can green naturally–and, you know, not die.

This isn’t the first time a Warmist has positioned the greening of Earth as a Bad Thing. There are many other hysterical rants, as well.

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