Bummer: Polar Bear Kills And Eats One Cub, Proves Of Globull Warming

Perhaps if more Warmists spent time where the polar bears live, this wouldn’t have to happen

(BBC News) It is an image that is sure to shock many people.

An adult polar bear is seen dragging the body of a cub that it has just killed across the Arctic sea ice.

Polar bears normally hunt seals but if these are not available, the big predators will seek out other sources of food – even their own kind.

The picture was taken by environmental photojournalist Jenny Ross in Olgastretet, a stretch of water in the Svalbard archipelago.

“This type of intraspecific predation has always occurred to some extent,” she told BBC News.

Like most bears, male polar bears will often kill cubs, so they can mate with the mama polar bears. And, because they are simply mean SOB’s. Obviously, that can’t be the reason, according to Ross

“However, there are increasing numbers of observations of it occurring, particularly on land where polar bears are trapped ashore, completely food-deprived for extended periods of time due to the loss of sea ice as a result of climate change.”

Even if that were the case, instead of anecdotal, that doesn’t prove that the loss of sea ice is caused by man induced global warming. Oh, and the picture was taken in July 2010……you know, during the summer, when sea ice is at its lowest every year. But, wait, what’s this?

Ross said there was another bear in the area and she speculated that it might have been the mother of the dead juvenile.

Ross then goes on to speculate that globull warming is causing the bears to seek out other food stuffs, and doesn’t bother mentioning that in the animal kingdom, males often kill cubs, thereby leaving the mother with no offspring and ready to mate again. I wonder what the bears did back during the previous warm periods, when it was even hotter? They didn’t have the garbage cans from human encroachment. I guess they all starved to death.

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