Bummer: Trace Amounts Of Harmless Gas Necessary For Life To Kill Your Hard Drive

The Warmists really just can’t help themselves (via Real Science)

(Daily News) Production of a critical component of computer hard drives has been severely affected by the recent severe flooding in Bangkok, Thailand, causing the price of the hard drives around the world to triple.

This is one example of the interconnectedness of the impacts of extreme weather events that are “really coming to the fore” because of global warming and associated climate change, says a visiting American expert.

Dr Kristie Ebi, a high-level technical expert at the Nobel Peace Prize-winning Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC), was speaking to staff and students at Stellenbosch University this week.

So, because lots and lots and lots of people are taking unnecessary fossil fueled flights to a sunny vacation spot to discuss people not taking unnecessary fossil fueled flights, you will have to pay lots more for a hard drive. And by “triple”, they mean computer prices may rise up to 20%. Just another in a long line of Alarmist stories meant to scare people, and they still cannot prove their hypotheses that Mankind is the main or sole cause for this warming period.

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