Bummer: Your Holiday Meal Is Worse Than A Long Haul Flight

If so, what does this say about the tens of thousands of Paris climate change meeting attendees who took tons of long haul flights and ate festive meals?

This is from hyper-Warmist George Monbiot

The figures were so astounding that I refused to believe them. I found themburied in a footnote, and assumed at first that they must have been a misprint. So I checked the source, wrote to the person who first published them, and followed the citations. To my amazement, they appear to stand up.

A kilogramme of beef protein reared on a British hill farm can generate the equivalent of 643kg of carbon dioxide. A kilogramme of lamb protein produced in the same place can generate 749kg. One kilo of protein from either source, in other words, causes more greenhouse gas emissions than a passenger flying from London to New York.

This is the worst case, and the figure comes from a farm whose soils have a high carbon content. But the numbers uncovered by a wider study are hardly reassuring: you could exchange your flight to New York for an average of 3kg of lamb protein from hill farms in England and Wales. You’d have to eat 300kg of soy protein to create the same impact.

Obviously, George is thinking of one holiday in particular

In choosing our Christmas dinner – or making any other choice – we appear to take informed and rational decisions. But what looks and feels right is sometimes anything but. In this case, the very features we have been led to see as virtuous (animals wandering freely across the mountains tended by horny-handed shepherds, no concrete and steel monstrosities or any of the other ugliness of modern intensive farming) generate astonishing impacts.

What does he recommend?

This, above all, means swapping most of the animal protein we eat for vegetable protein. It’s not painful, unless we make it so. Many British people used to eat dhal every day. They called it pease pudding, pease pottage or pea soup. As in South Asia, its ingredients varied from place to place and season to season. It’s just one component of a diet that offers plenty of variety – without trashing the great variety of life.

I’m not suggesting that you eat no meat or other animal products. I am suggesting that we should all eat far less. Save the splurge for Christmas. And even then, choose carefully.

Will members of the Cult of Climastrology comply? Is that a rhetorical question? Because we know that the majority of Warmists have no intention of walking the talk. Why would they? This is a political issue, not a scientific one, all designed to push for far left Progressive policies enacted by Government, with the intention to increase the size and scope of government over our lives, private entities, the energy sector, and economies.

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