Burning Fossil Fuels Cools The Planet, Says….NASA?

Well, um, this is certainly interesting. Perhaps this is why, despite all their hysteria and apoplexy regarding fossil fuels, most members of the Cult of Climastrology refuse to give up their own usage of fossil fuels, with some leading Warmists using way more than the average person. As you’re reading this, and popping over to the link, think about the reason for the publication for this study

Climate change shock: Burning fossil fuels ‘COOLS planet’, says NASA

Major theories about what causes temperatures to rise have been thrown into doubt after NASA found the Earth has cooled in areas of heavy industrialisation where more trees have been lost and more fossil fuel burning takes place.

Environmentalists have long argued the burning of fossil fuels in power stations and for other uses is responsible for global warming and predicted temperature increases because of the high levels of carbon dioxide produced – which causes the global greenhouse effect.

While the findings did not dispute the effects of carbon dioxide on global warming, they found aerosols – also given off by burning fossil fuels – actually cool the local environment, at least temporarily.

Interestingly, most of the places which tend to have heavy concentrations of industry and fossil fuels usage are typically urbanized areas, which tend to be run mostly by Democrats in the U.S. and left-leaning political parties in other nations, who all tend to make up the bulk of the True Believers in anthropogenic climate change/global warming.

Of course, what is this really about? We note that the article is essentially saying that industry, burning fossil fuels, and deforestation is masking ACC/AGW

But, rather than being good news, NASA has concluded the lack of taking these factors into account means existing climate change models have underestimated at the future impact on global temperatures will be. (snip)

But the new NASA study dovetails with a GISS study published last year that puts the TCR value at 3.0°F (1.7° C).

TCR is the short term prognostication, up to a century out, saying what will happen with a doubling of atmospheric CO2 concentrations. At its heart, this is all about creating yet another excuse for the Pause, and saying that Doom Is Coming very soon.

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