Buy A Nissan Leaf, Or The Polar Bears Will All Die

I must say, when I am watching football (or hockey or baseball), there are certain commercials that I do not want to see, things that just do not go, such as feminine hygiene products, political ads, and preachy “buy this or you’re a terrible person” crap. And what were we treated to during the Saints-Vikings game? (I’m not responsible for the loss of your breakfast)

Got that? If you do not buy a Nissan Leaf, the polar bears will all be mad at us and all die because the ice is melting. They’ll snarl at trucks which bring wonderful food and stuff. They’ll be upset because it is raining due to global warming. Cities are bad (hey, aren’t big cities mostly liberal voting mecca’s?). If you buy this micro-mobile, polar bears will hug us.

So everyone shell out $44,000 (before the mega tax credit) for this micro-mobile. You’ll be helping save the polar bears. Just don’t expect to be able to get away from them, since it takes about 20 hours to recharge the battery. So, you won’t be driving that much! Perhaps that is how you are saving Gaia from mean old mankind and it’s release of greenhouse gasses?

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And don’t forget about purchasing the $2,200 charging station for your home, which will reduce charging time down to 8 hours. And, depending on which source you read, the miles per charge ranges either at 100 miles or 367. But do it for Gaia. Do it for the polar bears.

He didn’t buy a Leaf.

BTW, just to be clear, I’m not against electric cars per se, especially if they save us money and are better for the environment – the real environment, not this silly AGW garbage. I’m just against this type of climahysteria.

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