Calm Down Climate Kooks, Christmas Eve Has Been Much Warmer

Temperatures constantly fluctuate. When it is colder than normal, gullible warmists sneer that the resistance is comprised of idiots so simplistic that they think the weather being cold at one place and time proves anything when we are talking about climate not weather, you peasant. When it is warmer than normal, they stand on their chairs and shriek, “You see!”

Real Science is annoyed at Drudge for going along with the hype:

Drudge is touting the “record heat” forecast for Christmas Eve, even though most of the country will be below normal temperature. The best Drudge could come up with was 86 degrees at Orlando.


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Christmas Eve 1955 was much warmer. Three fourths of the country was over 60 degrees, and Ashland Kansas, Geary Oklahoma and Encinal Texas were all over 90 degrees. Fort Lauderdale was 85 degrees. All of the stations below were over 60 degrees on Christmas Eve, 1955.


Last winter, the East Coast had record cold. That was ignored because it was “less than 1% of the Earth.” But this week, the Eastern US defines the global climate.

Within 20 years of 1955, liberal establishmentarians were tearing clots of hair from their scalps as they yelped about the coming ice age. Twenty years from now we will probably be hearing the same thing. It would be nice to think that by then people will have learned not to listen to them.

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