CFLs: Why Do Climate Alarmists Hate Women And Children?

It’s been mentioned many times before, the dangers of mercury in compact fluorescent light bulbs. And here’s more

ENERGY-saving light bulbs were at the centre of a fresh health scare last night after researchers claimed they can release potentially harmful amounts of mercury if broken.

Levels of toxic vapour around smashed eco-bulbs were up to 20 times higher than the safe guideline limit for an indoor area, the study said. It added that broken bulbs posed a potential health risk to pregnant women, babies and small children.

Well, isn’t that great? It’s obvious that in the alarmists march towards limiting your free market choices because of a nebulous Jonestown idea that Mankind is killing Gaia with greenhouse gas releases, they end up creating a real world danger. Of course, many alarmists will surely not care, because they place the climate, something that has always changed, over human beings welfare, and face it, these same alarmists want to reduce the human population.

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