Climahysteric Of The Week: Google’s Eric Schmidt

Alternate headline: Guy whose company uses a ton of energy complains about Other People using energy.

(Register) Google chairman Eric Schmidt has a low opinion of climate-change skeptics and global-warming deniers.

“You can hold back knowledge, but you cannot prevent it from spreading,” Schmidt told his audience at his company’s “How Green Is the Internet? Summit” in Mountain View on Thursday. “You can lie about the effects of climate change, but eventually you’ll be seen as a liar.”

That’s funny, because that’s exactly what Climate Realists have been saying for over a decade. Except, we bring facts to the fight, not just personal attacks.

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Schmidt discussed what he referred to as “the fact problem” and how it relates to the media and governments. At Google, he said, people fact-check what they’re told, especially if what they hear doesn’t sound quite right.

He’s right, you can’t hold back knowledge, and thanks to search engines like Google people were able to do research and find out the reality of “climate change”, rather than the 1 sided view provided through left leaning media outlets.

“The math says that there are a couple of billion people who are going to want our carbon footprint,” he said, “and we can’t afford that carbon footprint as a global thing — and we don’t want to reduce our own.”

Like most Warmists, Schmidt refuses to give up his own modern lifestyle and massive “carbon footprint”. But, he wants other people to be denied. And since so many of those people tend to be minorities, especially in Africa, we can use Leftists own words and call him a racist.

And that pesky carbon problem is only going to get bigger, Schmidt said, as internet use increases and data centers will need to be built to service the five to six billion internet users that he says will occupy the planet in the next decade or so.

So, all you Warmists using the Internet, you need to stop right now, because you are causing Gaia to boil.

He said that during his travels, he has visited many less-developed countries, and has been impressed with the efficiencies and careful cultivation of resources that he has seen. In the Congo and Rwanda, for example, ecologically sensitive farming methods that have been in use for generations, he said, that recycle water and other resources.

Wait, he takes fossil fueled trips around the world? Interesting. And hypocritical. Warmist, decarbon yourself.

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