‘Climate Change’ Is Already Wreaking Havoc On Our Weather Or Something

‘Climate Change’ Is Already Wreaking Havoc On Our Weather Or Something

This comes from the same people who usually tell us that weather is not climate after a cold snap or snow, right before they tell us that cold and snow are a result of ‘climate change’

Climate Change Is Already Wreaking Havoc on Our Weather, Scientists Find

The Arctic is melting with no turning back. Climate change increased rainfall during Hurricane Harvey by at least 15%. And several extreme weather events that occurred in 2016 would not have been possible without man-made global warming.

These are among the findings being discussed this week at this fall’s meeting of the American Geophysical Union in New Orleans, the largest gathering of Earth scientists in the world. Taken together, the findings show the deepening urgency of the fight against climate change.

Did you ever notice that they almost never discuss the good things from a warming world (regardless of your opinion on causation), like increased growing season, fewer heating days, fewer deaths from cold, shorter flu seasons, and so on? It’s always doom with this crowd.


Anyhow, weren’t we told by multiple scientists that the Arctic would be ice free by now?

“Climate change is hurting us without a doubt,” said James Byrne, a professor at the University of Lethbridge who studies climate change, at a press conference. “Houston, India, Bangladesh, Nepal, British Columbia — worst fire season ever. California, I think they declared it the worst fire season.”

Scientists have explored the link between climate change and extreme weather events for years, but many of the conclusions have relied on forecasts of potential future damage. This year, scientists say, the findings are no longer theoretical. Man-made global warming is causing problems here and now.

Because weather was always completely stable prior to the use of fossil fuels. Sheesh.

The report also highlighted global heat waves, an extreme occurence of El Niño and bleaching of coral reefs. These extreme events are all closely tied to climate change, though they remain theoretically possible in a world without the phenomenon.

Nice qualifier: theoretically possible. Now give us funding!

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