Climate Change Has Been for the Better

Of course there is climate change. There always has been and there always will be. Fortunately, climate change lately has been for the better:

A research letter published in the journal Nature finds that climate change has made the weather in the United States far more enjoyable over the past four decades.

The researchers looked at seasonal temperature changes since 1974, rather than annual averages, and found that “80% of Americans live in counties that are experiencing more pleasant weather than they did four decades ago,” the authors concluded.

The reason, they say, is that since the 1970s the winters have been getting warmer, but not the summers.

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Although every climate study seems to find whatever data is required to support the authors’ objectives, according to this one,

Average daily temperatures in July haven’t budged since 1974, and relative humidity in that month is actually lower than it was four decades ago. In contrast, there’s a clear upward trend in the average daily temperature in January.

It’s worth noting that this is a possibility that skeptics of climate-change-doom-and-gloom predictions had pointed to years ago.

Here, for example, is what Thomas Gale Moore wrote in a paper for Stanford University’s Hoover Institution back in 1996: “If climate change were to manifest itself as warmer winters without much of an increase in temperatures during the hot months, which some climate models predict (Gates et al. 1992), the change in weather could be especially beneficial to human health. The IPCC reports (Folland et al. 1992) that over this century the weather in much of the world has been consistent with such a pattern: winter and night temperatures have risen while summer temperatures have fallen.”

So what’s the big problem?

The Huffington Post called it “bad news in the long run” because it “could prevent people from taking climate change as seriously as they should.”

Or rather, it could prevent people from taking climate demagogues seriously when they attempt to use ever-changing weather as a pretext to confiscate our money through energy taxes and to lower our standard of living through regulation that has as its only real objective the escalation of government control.

The bad news for hoaxers is that people instinctively understand that warmth is better than cold. They move south for the weather, not north. The doom mongers should have stuck with global cooling.

al gore
Pleasant weather just isn’t that scary.

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