‘Climate Change’ Could Mean 50 Feet Of Snow Or Something

‘Climate Change’ Could Mean 50 Feet Of Snow Or Something

From the department of

comes this bit of unhinged climate (scam) alarmism

50 feet of snow? POSSIBLE! Thank Climate Change

(starts out blabbering about weather events, linking them to Hotcoldwetdry)

Generally speaking, Illinois is warmer than it was a century ago by a yearly average of more than 1 degree. (Early projections indicate 2017’s average will be 2 degrees above normal for the year.) And, more importantly, Illinois is wetter than it used to be a century ago, by a yearly average of 4 inches of precipitation.

That happens during a typical Holocene warm period.

Worse is water. Compared to 100 years ago, Illinois now gets roughly an extra month’s precipitation annually, 40 inches vs. 36 inches. But rain doesn’t fall evenly.

“It’s extreme,” Angel said. “It’s not that every rain event is 10 to 15 percent more. We’re getting more of the heavy rain events.”

Wait, I thought the world was turning to desert? No?

So the state is now preparing to chart “once-in-a-hundred year” storms, those with 7 to 8 inches of precipitation. Such storms are coming to Illinois a lot more than once a century. Still, we are indeed a little bit lucky. (snip)

What if a monster storm hit during winter? Angel is more about preparing for bad weather than prognosticating it. But an inch of rain can be 10-12 inches of snow. Fifty feet of snow is not a pretty picture. The average temperature here may be warming, but there’s no guarantee for any given January.

“We can still have things that go against the grain. We can still have cold winters with lots of snow. They will just be fewer. That doesn’t mean there’s no climate change,” Angel said. “You kind of take the long view with climate change.”

The article seriously considered what would happen if a storm like Hurricane Harvey hit Illinois. Right. OK. Sure thing, cupcake.

Remember, these are the same people who were proclaiming the end of snow, but, when that didn’t happen, they decided to find ways to link their cult to the heavy snow and cold.

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