Climate Change Will Apparently Cause Rivers To Freeze

Comedy gold from the USA Today

Is climate change causing millions to migrate?

Interesting. During the last glacial period, mankind migrated from Asia across the landbridges to the North American continent, and down to South America. During the Little Ice Age, mankind migrated from Europe to the New World.

Two new studies paint contrasting views of whether climate change-induced weather will force millions of people to migrate to safer areas. One says yes, the other no.

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In an upcoming report, the Asian Development Bank (ABD) warns that the extreme weather of climate change — floods, droughts and storms — will prompt mass migration that no international organization is set up to handle.

You know, extreme weather like freezing rivers

The photo itself is from Kashmir, where it gets really cold, but, it’s truly amusing that the USA Today uses a picture of a freezing waterway to illustrate the effects of globull warming.

Yet other research, published last week, has looked at case studies from Bolivia, Senegal and Tanzania and finds no evidence that environmental degradation linked to climate change caused massive migration. Rather, it finds social and economic factors play a bigger role in who moves, where they move and for how long.

Got that? Globull warming is causing “environmental degradation.” Perhaps the Warmists are trying out a new talking point?

Meanwhile, those evil oceans produce 16 times more CO2 than mankind.

And, “green” energy is great in Canada. Well, great for those who produce it, who are paid up to 30 times the normal electricity rates.

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