Climate Chaos Clowns Indulge in Kooky Antics, Demand We Take Their Delusions Seriously

Of all the imperious demands made by moonbats, none has been more unreasonable than the insistence by climate commies that we take them and their hoax seriously:

Some 150 demonstrators of all ages gathered on Sandymount Strand [near Dublin, Ireland] on Saturday morning to carry out the unusual protest.

Ahead of the United Nations Climate Change Conference in Paris this November, Stop Climate Chaos say it is time for the government to take environmental issues “seriously” before the major talks “that will decide the future of global climate action.”

Sorley McCaughey, a spokesperson for the group and head of policy at Christian Aid, said the government has not kept promises to pass legislation that could help curtail pollution.

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“The government have their heads in the sand on climate change. They promised to pass the Climate Bill into law before the summer recess but it is yet to happen,” he said.

It must be to demonstrate the heads in the sand that the climate commies made a bold stand against the weather by posing like this:


Underneath the face paint, every climate clown is a commie at heart:

He added that the “serious lack of urgency” was resulting in the poorest communities in the world “who have done least to cause climate change, being hit the hardest”.

Tell you what, climate commies. Completely bury your heads in the sand, leave them there until you stop emitting CO2 by breathing, and I promise to try to take you seriously.

On a tip from Steve T. Cross-posted at Moonbattery.

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