Climate Kooks Blame “Climate Change” For Coming Northeast Snowstorm

You knew it was coming, you just didn’t know whom it would be. Many news outlets are using the term “extreme weather” as a way of pushing their unhinged cult beliefs rather than “global warming” or the more popular “climate change”, meant to denote that mankind’s release of greenhouse gases can cause hot, cold, wet, dry, snow, no snow, you name it, it causes it. They’ve also, if you remember, created a fantasy a few years ago that states that warmth from AGW is causing the atmosphere to hold more water which now means that instead of snow being a thing of the past we’ll now get giant snows.

Anthony Watts catches climate astrologers Brad Johnson and Bill McKibben subtly pushing the meme that it is abnormally warm ocean water that is fueling this snow storm. Alas, Anthony points out that the sea temperature anomoly graphic used by the Warmists is a representation of the Gulf Stream, which always looks like that, and “It’s also a model reanalysis of anomaly, not the actual sea surface temperatures.” When we look at the actual sea temps, things change quite a bit from what the Warmists were pushing.

Anyhow, I think I’ve found the first Climate Astrologer to actually blame “climate change”, Andrew Freedman at Climate Central, a website that is interested in, surprise!, one point of view on climate

Life-Threatening Blizzard Poised to Strike New England

A life-threatening and historic blizzard that could rank among the top 10 snowstorms on record in southern New England is poised to plaster the region this weekend with snow that will be measured in feet rather than inches. The storm could also cause major coastal flooding and produce hurricane-force wind gusts, forecasters said.

Freedman also attempts to use a graphic showing the sea temp anomaly, yet, again, it is a reconstruction which highlights the Gulf Stream, not the actual water temps. Facts be damned, their is a cult to push!

Heavy precipitation events in the Northeast, including both rain and snowstorms, have been increasing in the past few decades, in a trend that a new federal climate report links to manmade global climate change. As the world has warmed, more moisture has been added to the atmosphere, giving storms additional energy to work with, and making precipitation extremes more common in many places. The last major snowstorm to strike southern New England was the unusual Halloween snowstorm in 2011.

See, there you go: heavy snowstorms are because you, dear reader, refused to give up your fossil fueled vehicle and purchased a bicycle to go to work. As for “climate change”, there world wide temp has gone up a whopping .28F from 1990-2012. Scary stuff!!!!!!1!!!

Something to mull on for you climate astrologers

(NIU Today) Finally, I don’t like the moniker, “climate change.” It assumes our climate has been steady in the past. Utter nonsense. It’s always changing, it always has and it always will be.

Thanks to technology, we are recording history much better than we did just 30 years ago. Also, I am reminded that modern weather tracking technology has only been around for 50 years, not even close to enough time to truly figure out what is extreme and what isn’t in many cases.

Let’s stop blaming all really bad weather on man-made global warming. Instead, let’s prepare ourselves before the next drought, flood or tornado happens — because they will. We can always expect them to occur.

And while the averages do tell things about our climate, I’ve learned that in studying current and past weather, a lot of times, there’s just no such thing as normal.

But, if you Warmists are so concerned, you could give up your fossil fueled vehicles and make your lives carbon neutral. I triple dog dare you.

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