Climate Skeptics Want More Action From Trump

Climate Skeptics Want More Action From Trump

Well, yes, yes we do. Promises were made. Promises that are not hard to keep

Climate Change Deniers Have President Trump’s Ear. But Now They Want Results

The past eight years have not been kind to people who dispute that the climate is changing. Leading scientists strengthened the case that the earth is warming and humans are at fault, while the Obama administration prioritized fighting its effects. As with so much else, the election of President Trump has ushered in a new day.

Over the past eight years, we saw the long continuation of the Great Pause, which caused Warmists to trot out well over 70 excuses to wish it away. They were caught numerous times manipulating data to accord with their Beliefs. Polls continued to show that ‘climate change’ was a low ranking issue with people in the U.S., Canada, Britain, and most 1st World nations. The passage of climate change policies in Australia caused the party that passed them to get obliterated in elections, especially those in Queensland. More and more studies have shown that the current warm period is mostly/solely caused by Not-Man.

Since taking office, Trump has moved to gut Obama’s signature climate change regulations, signed executive orders to aid the fossil fuel industry and installed a critic of the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) as its head. And yet to some of the strongest opponents of Obama’s environmental policy, particularly those who deny the existence of global warming, Trump is not going far enough. Despite having called climate change a “hoax” before his election, these critics think Trump has been ducking bigger fights like withdrawing from the international Paris Agreement on climate change and undoing the scientific underpinning for the EPA’s climate change rules.

The schism reflects the larger divide inside the Trump administration between the disruptive nationalists, the establishment figures and the more centrist voices. In the case of Trump’s environmental agenda, those urging him to move even faster see the president’s daughter, Ivanka, her husband, Jared Kushner, and other advisors with New York ties, like Gary Cohn, the director of the National Economic Council, as their chief opponents.

“At some point it needs to be pointed out to President Trump and his administration that the people who elected Donald J. Trump are not wealthy Manhattanites,” said Myron Ebell, who was Trump’s EPA transition chief, “including his children.”

There’s plenty of criticism for Secretary of State Rex Tillerson, who appears to rather moderate on the issue, but, then, he hasn’t been doing much of anything. EPA Head Scott Pruitt has been accused of moving too slowly in scuttling ‘climate change’ regulations.

Trump has taken a number of steps to advance his environmental agenda, which includes some of the priorities Ebell laid out in the transition. Trump’s proposed budget defunds a wide range of EPA programs and calls for widespread layoffs. On March 28, he signed a sweeping executive order that calls for the EPA to review the Clean Power Plan with an eye toward eliminating it, kills a metric for assessing the economic effects of carbon dioxide emissions known as the social cost of carbon and rethinks how policymakers consider climate change.

Trump has done some good things. He needs to follow through and continue this push, along with pulling the U.S. out of the Paris Climate Accord. Simply ignoring it is a poor option, as it would be left in place for future presidents.

Still, those who deny the science behind climate change are in a position to influence U.S. policy for years to come. Trump does not have a science advisor and his administration has turned to skeptics for guidance on energy and environmental policy issues. Lehr, who says the greenhouse effect plays a negligible role in the climate, delivered a presentation to administration officials designed to help Trump defend his claim that climate change is hoax.

Can you guess what really denies the science behind anthropogenic climate change? Science! The models are failures, the data is manipulated, peer reviewed papers are political and junk science. Their whole hypothesis is “it got warmer and man puts out some CO2, therefore, man is at fault, and I’m going to take lots of fossil fueled travel to tell everyone.”

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