Climate Weenies Held Protests Against Fossil Fuels Sunday

And many were arrested

(ABC News) At least 57 climate change activists were arrested in conjunction with the so-called “Break Free” protests against the use of fossil fuel.

The bulk of the arrests took place in Washington state this morning, when 52 activists were cited for trespassing on railroad tracks, according to the Skagit County Department of Emergency Management. One person was cited for resisting arrest. The other five arrests took place in Albany on Saturday on similar grounds.

In Washington, approximately 150 people had spent the night camping out on railroad tracks that lead to two refineries, according to a spokesperson for BNSF Railway. The protests were peaceful, according to the spokesperson, and the majority of activists obeyed a request to leave the tracks at 5 a.m. PT today.

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The Break Free protests represent part of a “global wave” of action taking place across six continents over 12 days targeting “the world’s most dangerous fossil fuels,” according to a statement published by the organizers earlier this month.

I’ve perused many, many articles on this, and not one reporter asked any of the protesters two simple questions:

  • Did you take a fossil fueled vehicle to this protest?
  • Have you given up your own use of fossil fuels in your own life?

Warmists really do not like questions like that. They say they are immaterial, because “we all have to make sacrifices in our lives”, meaning that Government must be empowered to force these changes. It also means that they know they are hypocrites, and unwilling to practice what they preach, so, they need to change the conversation.

How’d they get there? There’s a second tweet at the article noting that California Warmists want an end to fracking, so, it’s not just oil they want eliminated, but natural gas, too, which provides a tremendous amount of power for things like heating and cooking, among others.

That photo (from Erik McGregor/Pacific Press) leads the story. Notice how many things required the use of fossil fuels. The smartphones were shipped either on a fossil fueled plane, truck or boat. The same with all the clothing. Many of those signs are plastics. Petroleum! I see plastic glasses, both frames and lenses. They all look well fed and (relatively) clean, thanks to all those dirty fossil fuels which allowed the creation of a 1st World Nation. Funny how these same people want to deny a modern, clean, well fed life to people in 3rd world crap holes.

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