CNN: Say, Will Journalists Be Writing Earth’s Obituary Due To ‘Climate Change’?

The news media have already been heavily complicit in the Cult of Climastrology by being the mouthpieces and disseminators of the junk science, most often refusing to broadcast any opposing views

Will we write Earth’s next chapter or its obituary?

When National Geographic first sent some of the world’s best photographers and mapmakers on assignment more than 125 years ago, we didn’t set to capture the “before” photos for an imperiled planet. But that’s exactly what happened.

Over the decades, from the Matterhorn to the Great Barrier Reef to the West Antarctic Ice Sheet, these intrepid explorers became the visual record-keepers of climate change.

Today, that record is alarmingly clear. Since the late 19th century, Earth’s average temperature has increased 1.5 degrees Fahrenheit, melting glaciers and raising sea levels.

1.5F in over 160 years is less than scary, and well in line with every other Holocene warm period, if not smaller. Antarctica? NASA grudgingly notes that it has been getting cooler. West Antarctica? Most likely due to vulcanism.

The question we face as journalists who chronicle the state of the planet is stark: Will we write a new chapter in the progress of humankind? Or will we write the obituary of Earth?

Writer Susan Goldberg is super thrilled by the Paris climate change meetings coming up shortly. Unfortunately for her and her fellow apocalyptic journalists, the plans would do virtually nothing to stop the massive warming they say is coming. Of course, in reality, it’s not coming.

Take personal consumption. It’s easy to assume that one person can’t affect our warming world, and that’s part of what makes climate change such a daunting issue to tackle. But one person can make a difference.

Leaving your car at home twice a week can cut 2 tons of carbon emissions annually. If the average American family did laundry with cold water, that could save 1,600 pounds of CO2 a year. As for all the phone chargers and other electronics that we plug in and don’t use? Those consume theequivalent of a dozen power plants, meaning that simply switching on and off a power strip could save your household up to $200 a year while also helping to save the planet. It just goes to show that when it comes to climate change, there’s no such thing as chump change.

Surprisingly, Ms. Goldberg forgets to tell us that she has done this same thing. Nor does she recommend that CNN reduce it’s own massive international carbon footprint. Weird, eh? It’s easy to preach about Doing Something, but, again, Warmists refuse to walk the talk.

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