“Don’t Talk To Someone Who’s Not Even A Climate Scientist”

I’ve mentioned that this weekend the climate alarmists are holding Power Shift 2011 in D.C., sponsored by the Government Accountability Project, a far left group which operates out of D.C. on ….wait, K Street? Isn’t that where all the evil lobbyists reside? And, we get funny stuff like this

Climate Science Watch participated in the Power Shift 2011 conference, including speaking about how to deal with climate change denialists, on a panel titled “Winning the Climate Argument.” We said: You can’t get away from it. If you say let’s not talk about climate change, it’s too controversial, let’s just talk about clean energy and green jobs, you hand a victory to the denialists. And the same forces that are blocking meaningful climate policy will block effective clean energy policy.

You mean like the leftists forces that block construction/laying transmission lines for solar, wind, and hydrothermal projects? Those forces?

My talk, intended to fulfill a request to frame the topic of ‘climate denial’ very concisely for this community, went like this

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I’m assuming the talk was given by Rick Piltz, the founder and director of Climate Science Watch. We’ll get back to him and his panelists in a bit

I run the public interest advocacy project Climate Science Watch, based here in Washington. We put a lot of our attention into trying to push back on the war on climate science that is being waged by what I’ve come to call the global warming denial machine. I want to talk a bit about how to deal with that, when it gets in the way of your organizing and communicating.

I’m not talking about climate skeptics who are legitimately interested in science and are amenable to paying attention to experts and scientific education and communication. I’m talking about a political disinformation campaign — in some cases driven by corporate interests, ideological interests, political power interests — who hide behind a predatory approach to climate science in order to prevent the political system from dealing effectively with climate change as a policy problem.

Of course, they consider everyone who is a “skeptic” to be involved in the “political disinformation campaign.”

….You could see it — people who had coal interests, oil interests, or automobile interests back home had an interest in not paying attention to what the climate scientists were saying.

Say, how’d all these attendees get to the conference? Interesting that he didn’t mention “airplane interests,” too.

Anyhow, the rest is standard Warmist boilerplate, which you are welcome to read. Nothing new, but, lots that should elicit some guffaws from all you Climate Realists. Lots of blame thrown around, the obligatory mention of the Koch brothers, and tons of “oh, woes me” whining about people tuning out to their message. So we go down near the end

Don’t get pulled off into a science debate with someone who’s not even a climate scientist. It’s like, if your cardiologist tells you you have a heart problem, you pay attention to your cardiologist. Maybe you get a second opinion, but you get it from another cardiologist. And the same thing if you have a cancer problem, you want to hear from the top oncologist. And you don’t go to the oncologist for your heart problem, and you don’t — I mean, you want to go to the top experts.

Interesting. So, what Rick is saying is that you shouldn’t listen to Al Gore, Barack Obama, James Hansen (no degree in climate science), most of the UN IPCC weenies, the UK Telegraph’s Louise Gray, John Travolta, Leonardo DiCaprio, all the other Hollywood stars, the supermodels who are climate ambassadors, and, oh, hey, Rick Piltz and his panel, none of whom are climate scientists.

Thanks for setting that straight, Rick.

(Via Tom Nelson)

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