Enacting A Carbon Tax Would Stop California Wildfires Or Something

Enacting A Carbon Tax Would Stop California Wildfires Or Something

This is, interestingly, occuring in the most ‘climate change’ action supporting state, which already has a carbon tax

Opinion California is on fire — in December. Congress, do something about climate change.

To the editor: It’s official: The worst fire season in California history has arrived. Your editorial points out that our warming climate may have played an important role. (“While Southern California battles its wildfires, we have to start preparing for our hotter, drier future,” editorial, Dec. 6)

It is important not to let our fear, anger or wishful thinking lead to helpless despair. Adaptation must work alongside a greening economy. We should know there are bipartisan actions our leaders in Congress can take.

One solution: Putting a price on carbon and rebating the fees to citizens would, several groups report, reduce carbon emissions up to 50% in 20 years. By holding fossil fuel companies responsible for their damages and attaching fees to the use of their products, the economics of clean energy would improve, stimulating innovation and creating jobs. The rebates protect consumers as well.

Well, of course, that should do it! We’re saved with a carbon tax!

Funny that they never seem to want to hold themselves, as users of fossil fuels, responsible.

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