Era Of Civility: You Should Be Livid About Climate Change If You’re Under 25

Well, it looks like young people, at least in the U.K., care more about their body image and other things, rather than globull warming, but, hey, they should live their lives like perpetually pissed off teenagers, according to Grist

“Generation Hot” is the 2 billion or so young people who will be stuck dealing with global warming and weirding for their entire lives — and who have to figure out how to do it sanely and humanely. In his new book Hot: Living Through the Next Fifty Years on Earth, journalist (and Grist contributor) Mark Hertsgaard puts the official start of Generation Hot at June 23, 1988, when climate scientist James Hansen first testified to Congress about climate change and The New York Times put the story on its front page.

Perhaps the kiddies should be more pissed off about killing CO2 scrubbing trees to publish a book about how mad they should be over nature playing its normal games with the climate. And, oh, taking unncessary fossil fueled plane trips to Seattle from his home in San Francisco for a town hall style event (bottom of the Grist post), and

He plans to channel some of that anger into guerilla-style protests against the “climate cranks” in Congress, corporations, and the media who have denied the problem and blocked the solutions. The week of Jan. 31, Hertsgaard and some members of the members of Generation Hot will confront climate cranks on camera in Washington, D.C. (If you’ve got nominations, leave them in comments below or on the Generation Hot Facebook page.)

I suggest that he confront the “climate cranks” and tell them all the things in his life that he has changed, like giving up fossil fueled airplane rides…..oh. Oops.

But Hot is not primarily an angry book; at times, it’s cautiously hopeful. Hertsgaard traveled around the country and the world to see climate threats but also climate solutions.

Do as I say, not as I do.

Speaking of DAISNAID, NASA wants everyone to live in tiny homes, and isn’t above indoctrinating the snowflakes to achieve this.

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