Everybody Panic: ‘Climate Change’ To Decimate Coffee Production By 2050

The Cult of Climastrology has long attempted to use coffee production as a way to scare people about the utter doom from anthropogenic climate change. Like most things AGW, it comes in cycles, and they’ve been make a push on coffee doom over the past few weeks, culminating in this, coming from a site called Science World Report

Climate Change Will Reduce The Coffee Production in 2050, Research says

There are a lot of serious reasons why climate change has to stop. For one, in 2050 we will be experiencing 50 percent less of coffee production if this phenomenon keeps on pursuing. It would be a drastic news for almost everybody, coffee lovers, coffee farmers, coffee shop owners and so much more. Big time coffee shop owners have already raised their concern on this matter.

The impact of climate change has already gone globally intense. The results that hit the coffee industry have already raised several concerns and threat. Meanwhile, the coffee production in Tanzania has already dropped by 137kg per hectare.

Alarming decrease in coffee production does not stop at Tanzania alone. Central America has already lost $500 million and laid off 350,000 people in 2012-2013. At least 85% of the crop in Guatemala were also gravely affected and have died. In Nicaragua, researchers calculated that they can also lose the majority of its coffee growing area, according to The Guardian.com. All these have happened due to the widely devastion brought about by global warming.

This should make everyone run out and destroy their fossil fueled vehicles, start taking 2 minute showers, use one sheet of TP, buy expensive solar panels….oh, wait. Quite a bit of that loss comes due to mismanagement of the soil coffee grows in, while using pesticides that also cause problems. Coffee Rust, also known as Royo, has been decimating coffee crops in Central America, and, yes, warmer global temperatures have allowed it to go further up mountains. Just like it surely did in previous warm periods. There’s no scientific proof that it is anthropogenic.

You see many of the same issues in Tanzania and other African areas that depend on coffee crops (which are usually too expensive for the workers to actually buy themselves, so they drink tea). There are also problems with population growth. Oh, and cooler than normal temperatures.

According to Think Progress.com, Fair-trade Australia and New Zealand conducted a research, a report titled “A brewing Storm.” The findings stated that unusual high-altitude rains and severe heat cost the outbreak of pests and disease into coffee farms. Climate Institute’s chief executive officer, John Connor, said: “We’re also seeing extra diseases increasing and being able to go up into those areas.”

If you’re using Think Progress as a source to support your cultish allegation, well, you’re utterly partisan. And, once again, there’s no scientific proof that climatic changes are mostly/solely caused by mankind.

If it was so bad, one would think those who believe in man-caused climate change would adapt their own lives to match their beliefs, right?

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