Fewer Tornados, Hurricanes as Phony Global Warming Crisis Fizzles

A major reason that we are told we must submit to a lower standard of living is that if we don’t agree to high energy taxes and suffocating regulations so that the federal government can take control of the very weather, global warming will cause us to get blown away by tornados. The “experts” agree that global warming continues to menace the planet. Let’s check in on the horrific damage this has caused by way of tornados:

The U.S. experienced fewer tornadoes in the past three years than any similar span since accurate records began in the 1950s. …

As this year comes to a close, about 150 fewer damaging tornadoes than average have hit the U.S., according to data from the Storm Prediction Center (SPC). …

So far this year, just 348 EF-1 or stronger tornadoes have touched down across the country, marking the third-lowest number on record. An average year sees about 500 EF-1 or greater tornadoes. …

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EF refers to the Enhanced Fujita Scale of tornado intensity, which runs from EF-0 to EF-5. Most twisters that cause damage and deaths are EF-1 or higher, with wind speeds of at least 86 mph.

A possible explanation for the tornado lull is “cooler weather, which limits instability.” Yet carbon levels, which according to politically correct dogma are imperiling the earth by causing global warming, are rising at a “dramatically faster rate” per liberal authorities.

Global warming is also said to cause hurricanes. Yet 2014 had the quietest hurricane season in over 30 years:

The 2014 season which runs from June 1st to December 1st started quickly as Hurricane Arthur formed off of the Carolinas and moved ashore during the 4th of July Weekend. It did minimal damage as winds barely achieved hurricane criteria.

After that, four more storms came and went, all staying away from the United States. With only five storms this season, it’s the fewest since 1983! …

The 2014 Atlantic Hurricane Season comes on the heels of a very quiet season last year. … It’s been nine years since a Category 3+ hurricane made landfall in the United States!

A possible reason for the hurricane dearth:

Cooler than normal air temperatures have been observed across the U.S. Cooler temperatures and more progressive cool fronts moving into the Gulf of Mexico have kept the conditions unfavorable for development.

Eventually there will be a damaging weather event, and no matter how long media moonbats have to wait for it, they are sure to screechingly blame it on global warming and suggest that it heralds utter doom.

Regardless of whether we have tornados, hurricanes, or even warm weather, Obama will continue using the EPA to destroy the coal industry and hamstring the economy in the name of the fictional crisis.


On tips from Bodhisattva, Shawn R, and Petterssonp. Cross-posted at Moonbattery.

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