Five Reasons Voters Call BS On Obama’s “Climate Change” Push

Hmm, it’s like the Washington Post’s Ed Rogers has been reading my stuff, at least in regards to numbers 2 and 3, in offering “five reasons voters don’t believe what the White House says on climate change:”

1. Overreach – The White House doesn’t just want it both ways, it wants it every way.

4. A lack of faith in foreign cooperation. (that’s no surprise: as I’ve mentioned several times, Obama hasn’t really spent time creating political friends, friendships, acquaintanceships, etc, with the leaders of foreign nations. Heck, he’s barely created anything amongst lawmakers in his own party)

5. This administration lacks credibility. (this about the failure of Team O to really get things done properly, such as the horrible rollout of the Ocare websites.)

Let’s move on to the two biggies

2. Hypocrisy. Voters notice that the founding father of the global warming movement, Al Gore, has become fabulously wealthy by selling out to Middle Eastern oil and gas interests. Voters notice the mansions, private planes and the super-wealthy lifestyle. And Gore is not the only global warming hypocrite. I would guess that after he leaves office, President Obama will never again fly on a commercial airline — and he will probably be traveling by Global Expresses, Gulfstreams and the occasional large Falcon, not even on the more modest, smaller private jets. Voters are on to the fact that the global warming crusaders want us to pay more and live with less – but, of course, the rules don’t apply to the politicians who want everybody else to sacrifice. Not to mention, the people who insult and belittle anyone who has a question about the “science” of manmade global warming are often the same people who categorically dismiss the scientific proof of the viability, safety and reliability of nuclear energy. I have a little test for the global warming crusaders: If you’re not for nuclear energy and against ice cream, your commitment to the cause is questionable.

How long have I been flogging the climahypocrisy meme?

3. The global warming cause fits too nicely with the president’s left-wing political agenda. The prescriptions for dealing with climate change are the same policy objectives the left has promoted for other reasons for at least the past 25 years. That is, redistribution of wealth, higher taxes, anti-growth, anti-development regulations, etc. Because they don’t have much support from voters, the left has to advance its cause through surreptitious maneuvering rather than forthright advocacy of its specific global warming policies. The left never answers the questions of who pays, how much and for what result.

How long have I been noting that “climate change” fits in perfectly with the hardcore Progressive agenda? As I’ve noted many times, my focus is on the politics of “climate change”, with a smattering of science. Also, the insanity of the Warmists. I’ll leave the deep science to others, like Anthony Watts, The Hockey Schtick, and No Tricks Zone, among others. But, most Skeptics see the politics. Because that’s what the issue is, politics.

I ran across a few other articles on Yahoo News noting similar themes. Unfortunately, I did not save them. Regardless, it’s great that people are starting to notice that this is a politic issue, and that the folks who push it the hardest are hypocrites.

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