Friday Stupid: NY As Venice, Malaria In Europe

A hodge-podge of globull warming silliness this Friday morning, starting with

Malcolm Bowman, an oceanography professor from Stony Brook University in Long Island, recently stood at the snow-covered edge of the Williamsburg waterfront and pointed toward the Midtown skyline. “Looking at the city, with the setting sun behind the Williamsburg Bridge, it’s a sea of tranquility,” he said. “It’s hard to imagine the dangers lying ahead.”

He said that as climate change brings higher temperatures and more violent storms, flooding in parts of the city could become as routine as the heavy snows of this winter. We could even have “flood days,” the way we now have snow days, he said. Bowman and other experts say the only way to avoid that fate and keep the city dry is to follow the lead of the Dutch and build moveable modern dykes. Either that or retreat from the shoreline.

A handy dandy graphic is included with the breathless report, but, I like this unhinged one a bit more

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Personally, I am against flooding of coastal cities, because that means the liberals will leave and ruin the suburbs.

Then we have this bit of alarmism

By 2080, parts of Western Europe could be susceptible to the spread of malaria for up to six months a year, according to new research.

The study mapped areas at risk of an outbreak, considering predicted climate change-driven rise in air temperature and data on the spread of malaria.

Globally, air temperature rose by 0.74:°C between 1906 and 2005 and is projected to rise up to 6.4:°C by 2099, according to the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC).

You realize that, after a modest increase of a degree or two Fahrenheit since the end of the Little Ice Age, the chances of up to an 11.5F rise by the end of the century is completely ridiculous, right? Unless you are an alarmist. And, what’s that you say? They’ve had malaria in NW Germany before? Like, till the 1950’s, when mankind’s ingenuity wiped it out? Damn!

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