Gallery of Morose Moonbats Sulking About Collapse of Global Warming Hoax

Ever more desperate to get someone other than socialist journalists and bureaucrats to take the collapsing global warming hoax seriously, academics who make their living on it have resorted to releasing photographs of themselves wearing doleful expressions as they contemplate the hurt allegedly being inflicted on the earth by the highly beneficial CO2 that is produced by literally all human activity. The following is not a joke:

Photographer Nick Bowers, Art Director Celine Faledam and Copy Writer Rachel Guest have teamed up to bring attention to the issue of climate change in a completely novel and frankly terrifying way with their portrait/interview project Scared Scientists. …

Bowers takes moody, dark, black-and-white portraits of the scientists and those portraits are then put up on the Scares [sic] Scientists website alongside a short interview with each of these climate experts – an interview headlined by their credentials and their greatest climate change fear.

Prominent among the woeful warmists on display is Tim Flannery:


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Readers may remember Flannery as the malevolent lunatic who called for fighting the nonexistent global warming menace by filling the sky with sulfur. Linking global warming to a decline in circumcision may be his most noteworthy scientific achievement.

Flannery was rattled by ClimateGate, which caused the wheels to start coming off the global warming hoax by proving that “scientific” research on the topic consists largely not just of extremely bad, politicized science, but of deliberate lies.

The triumph in his home country of Tony Abbott, who rose to Prime Minister largely on his promise to undo the damage to the economy inflicted by global warming zealots, must have hit Flannery even harder. No wonder he looks so blue.

Global warming propagandists who can foresee the end of the line for the government grant gravy train don’t just express their sadness with forlorn expressions. They also write sad notes:

Australian National University student Joe Duggan contacted scientists and asked them to write the letters about how they felt about climate change.

“What follows are the words of real scientists. Researchers that understand climate change,” states the Is This How You Feel website, where Duggan is publishing the letters.

This one from “climate change ecologist” Anthony Richardson of the University of Queensland tugs on the heartstrings when you consider the angst he must be enduring:


Not to mention that he is fretful about people figuring out that climate change ecologists are about as useful as ice cubes in the arctic, and distraught about the possibility of having to find constructive employment.

On tips from Andrew in Australia, Mr. Mentalo, and Ben S. Cross-posted at Moonbattery.

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