Giant Snow Storm To Hit US: Guess What’s To Blame?

When something bad happens to a Conservative, the first response through much of the starboard side of the blogosphere is to offer up our best wishes/condolences/shock, then see what the nutters on the port side are saying. Nowadays, when something happens in the world, from a tornado to a rain storm to Egyptian riots, we pop off and see if our old friend climate change is being blamed. Rarely are we disappointed. This time, it’s Grist blaming Snowzilla on someone leaving the bathroom light on while in a different room: Thanks, climate change: Here comes Snowzilla

Starting tonight, Monday, Jan. 31, a winter storm of “historic” proportions will affect up to 100 million Americans, “from the Front Range of the Colorado Rockies to the Ohio Valley to the coast of New England,” says the Weather Channel.

Blame Canada climate change: Cold air blowing down from Canada is the proximate cause of Tuesday’s and Wednesday’s remarkably cold temperatures. But the epic levels of snow and ice coming our way are just the sort of thing we can expect more of as the planet warms, says a new report from the National Wildlife Fund.

Of course it is. That’s obviously the only thing it could be. Because nature never created big snow storms before 1980. There were certainly no big snowstorms beforehand……wait, there were huge storms? Even during the Little Ice Age? What, did George Washington cross the Delaware in a fossil fuel powered boat or something?

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The fact is, things happen with both weather and climate. Even in the midst of a warm period, which the world is in and has been in since the mid-1800’s, as the LIA ended, there can be cooler years/decades. During the LIA, there were years when it was very warm. But, the Warmists have their marching orders, they’ve been giving their talking points about global warming creating more snow and cold, and they’re going to beat it to death. But, a few years of cold and snowy winters doesn’t disprove that we’re currently in a warmer period. They also do not prove that Mankind is at fault. Nor does being in a warmer period prove that mankind is at fault. All it says is that the Earth is evolving. Of course, when it comes to that happening, all of a sudden the Lefty believers in AGW are suddenly flat Earthers. But, I blame……Tom Nelson for using electricity to expose the AGW silliness.

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