Global Warming Hoaxers Tried to Hide the Sun

Thanks to the ClimateGate emails, we now know that the government teat-suckers in warmist academia are scientists after all. They know that climate fluctuation is caused not by light bulbs and SUVs, but by variations in solar activity; but they also know how to hide this fact from the gullible.

In 2003, two Harvard-Smithsonian Professors, Willie Soon and Sallie Baliunas, published a peer-reviewed paper in the scientific journal Climate Research which identified solar activity as a major influence on Earth’s climate [no kidding]. This paper also concluded that the twentieth century was not the warmest, nor was it the century with the most extreme weather over the past thousand years. These two scientists reviewed more than two hundred sources of data. The paper specifically examined climate variations observed to coincide with solar variations. One of the more notable correlations cited in this paper is the well-documented coincidence of the Little Ice Age and a solar quiet period, known as the Maunder Minimum, from A.D. 1300 to A.D. 1900. Soon and Baliunas asserted that the lack of solar activity resulted in cooler temperatures across the globe. The evidence they compiled also indicated that as the sun became more active global temperatures began to rise and the Little Ice Age ended.

In the past, the issue of the solar connection has always fallen down on one question; what is it about sunspots that cause a change in the climate? Soon and Baliunas identified the physical connection as solar wind, which varies on an eleven-year cycle similar to sunspots’.

Phil Jones of East Anglia University’s corrupt Climate Research Unit and coconspirators didn’t like this one bit. They reached the same conclusions regarding 11-year cycles. But rather than solar winds, they have been far more interested in the political winds that blow our money at them in a blizzard. Data proving the effect of solar cycles on our climate was either suppressed or distorted.

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More than a dozen e-mails from the Jones Gang discuss how to discredit Soon and Baliunas. Ultimately, the gang decide to compile a new paper to counter the conclusion made by Soon and Baliunas, as detailed in an e-mail from Dr. Scott Rutherford dated the 12 March 2003. Dr. Rutherford does not go head-to-head with the data presented in the Climate Research paper, but he seemingly wishes to “cook” other data to counter the honest work of Soon and Baliunas…

Writes Dr. Rutherford:

First, I’d be willing to handle the data and the plotting/mapping. Second … if we use different reference periods for the reconstructions and the models we need to be extremely careful about the differences. … If you are willing to send me your series please send the raw (i.e. unfiltered) series. That way I can treat them all the same. We can then decide how we want to display the results.

He then goes on to joke (I hope) about “calling in a Mafia hit” to silence Soon and Baliunas.

Liberal politics and government money both poison everything they touch. This is what they have done to science.

Once science was about revealing the truth, not hiding it.

On a tip from Edward. Cross-posted at Moonbattery.

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