Global Warming Priest Dave Reay Denounces Personal Hygiene

The beauty of the global warming hoax is that it allows liberals to wallow in their trademark neurotic guilt, baseless sanctimony, and hostility to civilization while imposing all elements of their agenda — including deliberately excessive taxation, suppression of the private sector, totalitarian power for Big Government, degradation of our standard of living, elevation of animals over humans, and even the rejection of personal hygiene that progressives indulged in so flagrantly and so fragrantly during their halcyon days in the 60s.

World-renowned high priest of the climate change cult Dr. Dave Reay, Senior Lecturer in Carbon Management at Edinburgh University, has been loudly denouncing the Gaia-oppressing habits of bathing and washing clothes. Proclaims Reay:

For the largest cuts [in harmless carbon emissions], simply washing less frequently is the way to go.

Washing your clothes less often is important too:

Advertisers [have] convinced us that our shirts must always be “whiter than white”, our sheets should forever smell of spring flowers, and that to be dressed in freshly laundered clothes at all times is a badge of success. We live in a “wear once and wash” culture.

It is easy to see how these emissions stack up. A full load in a washing machine uses around 1.2 kilowatt-hours of electricity per cycle and tumble drying clocks up a further 3.5 kilowatt-hours, resulting in over 2 kilograms of [yap yap yap yap…]

Buying new clothes when the old ones haven’t yet been worn to rags is also an eco-crime, according to Raey. Oh, and so is drinking coffee. Medieval peasants didn’t drink coffee, so we shouldn’t either — since our Warmist ruling class expects us to emulate a 14th century serf’s lifestyle.

Raey says hygiene causes global warming.

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