Global Warming Today: Meat Is Murder Or Something

So, you’re thinking of a burger for lunch and a steak for dinner? You’re looking forward to spring so you can crack open the grill and cook up some awesome strip steaks? Heck, maybe you’ve said “damn the cold and snow, we’re grilling out!” Well, you’re a murderer. So says Vice’s Matt Smith

Meat Is Murder — On the Climate, Anyway

Beware the cows.

Sure, it looks like we’ve got them where we want them, penned up in farms, easily led to the meat-packing plants. But in an ongoing display of passive resistance, they may be trying to take us with them.

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Beyond the fat and cholesterol, they’re also one of the leading sources of methane — a planet-warming greenhouse gas with 25 times the punch of carbon dioxide on a 100-year time scale. And those emissions are expected to go up planet-wide as developing countries urbanize and get richer, putting a Western-style diet within the reach of billions more people.

So, it will allow people starving in 3rd world sh*tholes, er, developing nations, to get enough food? What’s the downside? Why is it that 1st World Warmists are always trying to deny those in 3rd world nations the same benefits the 1st Worlders have?

And when you total up the effect of all the feed, fertilizer, and fuel involved in modern farming, that quarter-pound cheeseburger ends up having the same carbon footprint as a nearly seven-mile (11-kilometer) drive, said Dawn Undurraga, a nutritionist with the nonprofit Environmental Working Group.

So, Warmists shouldn’t have either, in order to save Gaia? Chicken and pork are not quite as bad, but, they’re still EVIL.

Worldwide, livestock account for about 15 percent of global emissions — and reducing consumption “will be critical” to hitting the climate change targets world leaders set in Paris in December, the British think-tank Chatham House estimates. That pact set a goal of limiting climate change to 2 degrees Celsius (3.6 Fahrenheit) over pre-industrial times, a mark the world is roughly halfway toward already.

“A shift to healthier patterns of meat-eating could bring a quarter of the emissions reductions we need to keep on track for a two-degree world,” Chatham House reported in November.

The notion here is that millions, many even billions or trillions!!!!!!!!!1!!! will die if the temperature of the earth goes up a wee bit, so, all you people should mostly stop eating meat, otherwise, doom.

Eating too much meat also contributes to the rise of obesity and the spread of chronic diseases like cancer and diabetes. But worldwide consumption is expected to expand more than 75 percent by 2050 — and few people are aware of the connection between climate change and diet, Chatham House noted.

“Few people care about the connection between climate change and diet.” Fixed that.

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