Globull Warming Causes Extreme Rain….Or Not

So, all the climate morons are going ga-ga over a new report that links extreme rain (what we used to simply call “rain”) to globull warming. But, does it really?

Global warming helped drive a rise in the intensity of extreme rain and snowfall across much of the Northern Hemisphere during the last half of the 20th century, a new study has found.

Wait, I thought snowfall was a thing of the past? The past like during the last glaciation period, where “extreme snow” was part of what created those glaciers that buried what has become NY City in a mile of ice.

The work builds on previous research that established broad trends in extreme precipitation events over the 20th century. Those studies suggested a link between climate change and heavy precipitation, based on the atmosphere’s ability to hold more moisture as it warms.

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But, according to the research team that conducted the new study, those studies stopped short of presenting evidence for a direct link between human-triggered global warming and extreme precipitation.

Until now,”there has not been a study that formally identified this human effect in precipitation extremes,” says Francis Zwiers, a climate scientist who heads the Pacific Climate Impacts Consortium at the University of Victoria in British Columbia. This new study “provides specific scientific evidence that that is indeed the case.”

So, the new study does provide that link? Er, not so fast

But the study also shows a gap between models and the real world that some researchers say warrants caution in claiming to have discovered the smoking gun linking warming and the more extreme precipitation.

And therein lies the problems: the warmist wankers rely way too much on models, which do not fully jibe with the real world. There were plenty of floods prior to the 2nd half of the 20th century from extreme rain events. Furthermore, they fail to explain the warming that started in the mid-1800’s as being caused by mankind, nor the prior warming periods, nor why the Earth came out of a glaciation period, nor why this warming period is different from the others as being caused mostly or solely by mankind.

But, hey, we all need to change our lives at the barrel of government decree, pay lots more in taxes, and give up our freedoms for “climate change,” what used to be known simply as “weather.”

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