Good Grief: Late 20th Century El Nino Now Blamed On “Climate Change”

Sad when we have to start the post with a facepalm, rather than ending with one

(Bloomberg) The El Nino weather pattern that can bring drought to Australia and rain to South America was “unusually active” at the end of the 20th century, possibly due to climate change, a University of Hawaii study found.

Researchers studied 2,222 tree-ring records as proxies for temperature and rainfall over the past 700 years, the university wrote in an online statement dated yesterday. The records indicate the El Nino-Southern Oscillation weather phenomenon has been increasingly active in recent decades relative to the past seven centuries.

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The study found that in the year after a large tropical volcanic eruption, the east-central tropical Pacific is “unusually cool,” followed by warming a year later, the university wrote. Volcanic aerosols, like greenhouse gases, disturb the Earth’s radiation balance, it said.

“This supports the idea that the unusually high ENSO activity in the late 20th century is a footprint of global warming,” study lead author Jinbao Li was cited as saying.

Wait, is this saying that it is all natural, or that it is man-induced? When the phrase “climate change” is thrown around in the media it is mostly or solely meant to portray it as mad-caused. Having read this kind of slop for decades, I’m going to go with the notion that they mean it is your fault, dear reader, for taking fossil fueled travel, using more than 2 TP sheets, taking showers longer than 2 minutes, and using hair spray. Those are just a few examples of your evil lifestyle which causes Bad Weather, islands to tip over, and Gaia to sweat.

The El Nino/La Nina pattern is nothing new: studies have delved back through reconstructions over the past 1,100 years, but no one really knows how old the pattern is. Some say they started around 10,000 years ago, as the main effects of the last glacial age ended. But, we do not know. On average, there is one every 3-7 years. Usually. Not always. There is a longer term pattern of activity lasting 50-90 years. Some are big, some aren’t.

But now the Warmists have to blame them on “climate change”, when in fact they are part of the natural cycle, and seem to be more active within the natural warm cycles that have been occurring since the end of the last ice age. They tend to jibe with many of the warmest years (such as 2010!). Warmists just can’t help themselves.

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