Good News: Climate Action Is As Easy As Trading Your Mercedes For A Tesla

Seriously, it’s that darned easy! (via Climate Depot)

Senator Whitehouse: “…I don’t want to leave the impression that mankind must suffer in order to make these changes. The changes in consumption can actually be enjoyable and beneficial. If you trade in your Mercedes for a Tesla, your quality of life just went up.”

This was from the Munich Security Conference, on Feb 13, 2016, in which he surely took a long, fossil fueled flight. One has to wonder if Whitehouse has purchased a Tesla himself. A base model Tesla S will cost you $70000 to $75000, putting it well in the range of the upper end luxury car buyer, rather than your average middle class consumer. Whitehouse’s comment surely tells you this is all about your betters telling you what to do. The “rich kids” won’t worry about suffering.

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You can ask Senator Whitehouse if he’s traded in whatever type of fossil fueled vehicle he owns for a Tesla on Twitter.

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