Good News! Global Warming Still Causes Snow And Cold!

Why, yes, the Disciples Of Gore are still pushing their insanity and counter-intuitive “science”

Can we talk about global warming?

Scientists already know that man is behind it. They have known it for decades. ‘Nough said.

In other words, how dare you question the partisan hacks who make lots of money, increase their public standing, and rarely live the lives they say everyone else should live!

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But that hardly means that every little bit of weather can be blamed on it.Sometimes, it is just cold. Sometimes, it just snows.

Yes, there is snow now back east. In winter — who could imagine?! And it’s snowy in Britain!

None of this is contradictory to the claim that the world is warming. Global warming is a long-term problem , one that will unfold over decades and decades.

Well, that’s convenient. Except, we’ve been hearing this same story for…..decades! Going back to the 1988 Congressional hearings, we were told if we didn’t Do Something right now, the world would burn. So far, we’re all doing fine, and climate alarmists have still failed to change their own behavior.

Climate is about long-term trends. Please tattoo that on your forehead. In italics.

True. But, climate change actually tends to happen pretty darned quick. The cooling period of the mid-20th Century flipped quickly to a warming one. The climate flipped quickly to a very hot one from the 20’s to the 30’s. The Medieval Climate Optimum switched quickly from a warmer than today’s temps climate to the Little Ice Age quickly, with the span of a few years. And there were a few times during the LIA that the climate flipped quickly to a warmer one, for a few years at a time.

The story writer, David Appell, does have one point in the story, though, namely, that we shouldn’t listen to the global warming extremists who blame every single weather event on man-induced global warming. But, of course, he misses the point that everything that happens, from weather to bird die offs to a beach washing away must be blamed on CO2 and Mankind in an hysterical manner, because that seems to be the only way the alarmists can get their funding for more research (which requires fossil fueled trips around the world) and climate alarmism groups.

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