Good News, London, Climate Change Will Destroy You

Time for another scarefest, via our alarmists buddies at Treehugger

Time Out, London’s weekly events-listing magazine, has asked experts to describe the impact of great catastrophes on the capital city. Many are related to climate change and the outlook is not good.

A scientist outlined the effect of global temperatures rising by 4C, something that has been predicted as a worst case scenario. Another wrote about technology melt down and another of energy supplies dwindling. In a word: we are doomed.

You know how doomed? This doomed

Photo: Robert Graves and Didier Madoc-Jones: Parliament Square

Rising temperatures in the summer have already started; in 2003 and 2006 there were quite a few heat-related deaths in London. Air conditioning is not built into most of the old houses. City streets retain heat so temperatures do not cool down in the evening.

Um, doesn’t that last part sound rather like, oh, the Urban Island Heat Affect? You know, nothing to do with actual globull warming? Then there’s that pesky little fact about England being warm enough to grow wine that bested French wine during the Global Climate Optimum.

But, don’t forget, greenhouse gases, which trap heat, will

Photo:Robert Graves and Didier Madoc-Jones, Jason Hawkes: Skating at Tower Bridge

See? Globull warming causes everything, including crazy people who post pictures of a flooded London and people skating on a frozen Thames River.

The latter seems more likely, as yet another big round of Little Ice Age type weather is about to hit the U.K.

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