Good News! Thousands Sign Up To Be Arrested For Climate Change

Yes, another day, another set of climate alarmists demonstrating to tell government to make Someone Else change their behavior. Ultra-Warmist (and climate hypocrite) Bill McKibbon is given a platform at the Washington Post to air his idiocy and tell us that this is a Watershed moment for Obama on climate change

Ain’t eBay grand? For $10 you can buy a sack of 50 assorted Obama ’08 buttons, and that’s what I’ve been doing. If you look closely, you might see them this weekend on the lapels of some of the global warming protesters holding a sit-in outside the White House.

Already, more than a thousand people have signed up to be arrested over two weeks beginning Aug. 20 – the biggest display of civil disobedience in the environmental movement in decades and one of the largest nonviolent direct actions since the World Trade Organization demonstrations in Seattle back before Sept. 11. (Among the first 500 to sign up, the biggest cohort was born in the Truman administration, followed closely by FDR babies and Eisenhower kids. These seniors contradict the stereotype of greedy geezers who care only about their own future.)

Perhaps they can protest the 5 month anniversary of Obama’s Libyan war adventure, which comes on the 19th….na, they’ll have more fun creating and leaving lots of trash around. And, if McKibben considers the Seattle WTO protest nonviolent, D.C. is in for a rough ride.

And, I just have to wonder, how are all these climate alarmists planning on getting to D.C.? Fossil fueled vehicles? Airplane trips? What are they wackily protesting, anyhow?

The issue is simple: We want the president to block construction of Keystone XL, a pipeline that would carry oil from the tar sands of northern Alberta down to the Gulf of Mexico. We have, not surprisingly, concerns about potential spills and environmental degradation from construction of the pipeline. But those tar sands are also the second-largest pool of carbon in the atmosphere, behind only the oil fields of Saudi Arabia. If we tap into them in a big way, NASA climatologist James Hansen explained in a paper issued this summer, the emissions would mean it’s “essentially game over” for the climate. That’s why the executive directors of many environmental groups and 20 of the country’s leading climate scientists wrote letters asking people to head to Washington for the demonstrations. In scientific terms, it’s as close to a no-brainer as you can get.

So, they’ll head off to D.C. in fossil fueled vehicles to protest…..fossil fuel.

There’s actually 2,000+ commitments as of this morning. It’ll be interesting to see how many actually show. And they are looking for videographers. Anyone who will be in D.C. or lives there, if you could stop by the White House and take some pictures or videos of the idiots on parade, and all the trash, that would be great. It’s supposed to run from August 20-September 3rd.

What do they ultimately want?

As the climatologist Jim Hansen (one of the signatories to this letter) explained, if we have any chance of getting back to a stable climate….

And they call us climate realists flat earthers? When has the planet ever had a stable climate?

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