GOP Has An Immoral Agenda To Destroy The Climate Or Something

Another day, another Warmist losing his mind. In this case, it is the Washington Post’s Tom Toles

Remember how the GOP swept into the Senate by promising to cripple the EPA and its ability to enforce its mandate to protect against pollution that will damage the climate? No, they really didn’t get a mandate for that, but details, details, they are planning to try it anyway.

Yes, they are. They plan on pushing the Keystone XL pipeline through, and limiting the EPA mission creep, which ranges anywhere from their absurd economy killing regulations on “climate change” to wetlands overreach to many other things of which there is massive mission creep/overreach (read here, here, here, and so many more).

Is anyone surprised? No, because this is how they operate. Get people mad about this thing over here, and then get elected and go to work on this other thing over there. The other thing in this instance is the EPA, and the work to be done is to get the EPA out of the way of the fossil fuel industry’s ability to offload carbon waste into the atmosphere. The industry’s profit model is profits for them and somebody else pays to deal with the climate consequences. What a deal!

Carbon waste! That’s a new one. I wonder if Tom has given up his own use of fossil fuels?

But doesn’t the GOP dispute the science on climate change? Well yes they do, of course, because there is no other way to execute this particular policy play if you have to face the data squarely. So they deny the facts, do a mumble-mumble campaign about feckless Obama something-something, get elected, and then go about their dirty business of facilitating climate disaster for the short-term profits of their core corporate constituency.

Climate disaster! Because that massive, whopping, gigantic 1.4F increase in global temperatures in 160 years is like the apocalypse, y’all! Especially with the 18+ years of no statistically significant warming. Here’s the money quote

But even if they HAD gotten a mandate to destroy the climate, it’s still an immoral agenda, and needs to be stopped

An immoral agenda! Interestingly, Democrats had two full years of controlling the House, Senate, and White House, and did not pass anything. And the GOP will destroy the climate! Someone has lost their mind.

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