Goracle Plays The Scienceless Doom Card

I just new you needed some more unhinged Gore (via Tom Nelson)

Nobel Peace Prize winner and champion climate campaigner Al Gore outlined the doom the world is awaiting because of climate change and expressed disappointment at world leaders failing to clinch a treaty to fight the new global terror. Terming the logjam in climate negotiations as a “startling paradox”, the man, whose documentary, The Inconvenient Truth won an Oscar said the year 2010 had seen worst of climate change. “There was severe drought in Russia and extreme flooding in Pakistan. What more evidence is required for action,” he said at HT Leadership Summit.

I wonder where I have seen that type of blame for flooding? Anyhow, what more, Al? How about some actual science, Al? Oh, here’s another great idea: don’t fly all the way to India to give a speech about how Mankind’s release of greenhouse gases is killing Gaia, Al.

His worst fear was that after failure of Copenhagen climate summit the talks where heading towards another “zombie” like the Doha process on World Trade Organisation negotiations. Gore’s solution for the problem was taking the issue back to the grassroots and creating a political storm to compel the leaders to react to climate change.

Well, gee wiz, Al, I would think that providing substantive and real scientific proof would be the best solution.

The former president blamed his own country United States — world second biggest carbon emitter — for failing to legislate a carbon law to curb emissions, resulting in failure of Copenhagen.

There’s that word “carbon” again. If they can’t even get the terminology correct (Carbon Dioxide), then how can we trust them on the science?

He like many leaders at the HT Summit had said that a solution to climate crises is not possible without involving business. For this, he recommended a price on carbon, which could be a carbon tax or a price for emissions higher than a particular level for each sector.

Of course he does. He makes a boatload of money of off CO2 offsets. He is also paid in offsets by several companies, which allows him to live such a high CO2 lifestyle, like…..flying to India! He gets to live the high life while some poor shlub plants a tree or rides a peddle bike.

Al has also apologized for pushing the worthless 1st generation corn ethanol. But, he wanted to run for president.

Meanwhile, hurricane landfalls have been low the past 50 years, despite alarmist predictions. Notice the big spike during the mid 20th century, when the temps were cooler.

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