Happy 3316! US Breaks Record For Days Between Major Landfalling Hurricanes Record

Time to pull out the pirate grog dance. Way back in 2011, Anthony Watts noted a new record for days since a major hurricane (category 3 or greater) made landfall on the United States. This started when Hurricane Wilma struck Florida on October 24th, 2005. During that record breaking season, Climatists told us that the the 2005 season would be the “new normal”. Of course, immediately after that landfalling hurricanes started to dry up.

Dr. Roy Spencer pointed out on October 1st, 2014, that is has been 3264 days since, as hurricane season was winding down. Of course, climahysterics are blaming things like natural variation and luck. Some are even blaming “climate change”. And some are even claiming now, after their previous failed prognostication, that global warming will cause fewer tropical systems. Even the UN IPCC is blowing off their prognostication from their 2007 hysteric report.

Now, many who are looking at the record are only going back to 1900.

If we look back further, all the way to the Civil War era, we see no major hurricanes making landfall from August 11, 1860 to September 8, 1869. That’s 3315 days.

As of today, that record is broken at 3316 days.

What is causing this? You’re guess is as good as mine, which are the same guesses scientists are making. Some have claimed cooling periods are a driver. We had a slight cooling from the mid-40’s into the late 70’s, and activity jumped. But it also fell off after 1971. Warming didn’t really start till 1980. There was decent activity during the 30’s, when there was a big spike. The Civil War era was one of increasing temperatures, as the Little Ice Age ended. There has be a Pause since 1997, yet we had a good amount through 2005. But then a drop off.

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