Happy Thanksgiving: Your Leftover Turkey Is Making The World Burn To A Cinder

Food waste is a real issue. I think most of us who aren’t crazy Warmists can understand exactly why, without being told. Of course, in Crazy Warmist World, we get this from the Huffington Post, which has to link ‘climate change’ to food waste on Thanksgiving

Happy Thanksgiving! Your Turkey Leftovers Are Destroying The Planet.
Thirty-five percent of turkey is wasted. Here’s how to keep yours from winding up in a landfill.

Thanksgiving is, of course, the annual day of overdoing it. But that excess can be felt in more ways than a slice of pumpkin pie too many. We’re all prone to prepare far too much food than is needed — and a lot of that food isn’t eaten.

The U.S. Department of Agriculture estimates 35 percent of the turkey meat that Americans buy each year is thrown away, compared to the 15 percent of chicken meat that’s typically wasted — and there’s good reason to believe the bulk of that turkey waste takes place around Thanksgiving, when the bird is most in demand.

All that uneaten grub adds up. According to the Environmental Protection Agency, 30 million tons of food waste get sent to landfills every year, and that waste is landfills’ second largest source of methane, a potent greenhouse gas that contributes to climate change.

Most of the rest of the fable is about typical wise ideas for reducing foot waste, all to stop the temperatures from rising….hey, it worked! No statistically significant warming in approaching 19 years!

Ultimately, it’s about increasing awareness of the problem, a battle Berkenkamp believes advocates are winning. At a time when more and more people are wanting to know where and how the food they’re eating is made, it’s natural to expect that curiosity to extend to what happens to the food when we’re finished with it.

“I think we’re in the early phases of this issue coming into the popular consciousness,” Berkenkamp said. “And Thanksgiving is a critically important time to think of all this.”

That bold is not mine. This is Crazy Warmist World, where being thankful for family and friends is not critically important. Just ask Alternet, which has 30 reasons to be thankful this Thanksgiving, and not one includes family and friends.

Meanwhile, the Democratic Party’s official TV station, MSNBC, joins in the party to provide helpful talking points for liberals to survive Thanksgiving political conversations, which even digs into how to respond to conversations about Charlie Sheen having HIV. Seriously. Because this is a conversation which we were all thinking of having. But, just in case, Nagging Points have been provided.

The NY Times even says that throwing down with your uncle is good for you.

The funny part in all these lefty articles about surviving T-giving is the need to provide talking points. These are supposedly deeply held beliefs for Liberals, yet, they don’t seem to know what to say using critical thinking.

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