Here Comes The Kerry/Lieberman Climahysteric Bill

Well, not quite a bill, more of an outline. Well, really, the outline is more of a deck, which has annoyed some climate alarmists, via Tom Nelson

Twitter / Kate Sheppard

– After six months of negotiations, all we have for tomorrow is a 21-page outline?!?

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– Is the EPA doing financial modeling on 21 pages of bullet points?

That’s right, a whopping 21 pages of bullet points. Don’t believe it? You can read the whole thing over at the Green Hell blog.

It does have many bullet points in support of expanding nuclear energy, however, then goes on to perhaps restrict more offshore drilling, and makes a huge deal out of capturing and sequestering CO2 from coal sources, which will increase energy costs, as will all the new clean air standards and regulations (FYI, I have never been a big fan of coal, I’m not in favor of expanding coal, and I am dubious about this supposed “clean coal.” That said, I do not want to see it reduced until there are viable alternatives in place and operating.)

There’s a tiny blurb on renewable energy. A tiny section on clean transportation, which seems to direct many government agencies to make demands on autos, which could affect the vehicles already on the road (and could include a gas tax). All that covered a tiny bit more than 5 of the 21 pages. From that point till midway on page 14 is all about cap and tax. The rest of the pages are about the government spending quite a bit of money giving tax breaks for purchasing carbon friendly products, investing in “green” jobs, adhering to the targets that the international community may come up with, and all sorts of ways that will actually increase costs to the US consumer.

As Climate Depot points out, this legislation will create 60 new programs, studies, and reports. They cost money.

I can understand why Kerry and Lieberman want to hide what is going to be a massive crap sandwich legislation. I would assume they have more than just a deck. Because something like this (page 15)

Section 3102 Home Heating Oil and Propane Consumers

Section 784 Home heating and oil consumers: Beginning in 2013 and annually through 2029, the Administrator will distribute emission allowances among states based on the carbon content of home heating oil and propane sold to consumers in the United States. The allowances are to be used exclusively for the benefit of the consumers of home heating oil or propane for residential or commercial purposes.

Exactly what does that mean? I can make many inferences, and none of the are good, and all of them show the price of heating oil and propane skyrocketing.

There is even a cute section to end it up, Community Protection From Global Warming Impacts (I’ll give Kerry and Lieberman bonus points for not going wobbly and calling it climate change). Good luck in protecting us from Mother Nature, boys.

Oh, and it has to be follow the rules PAYGO. I’ll stop here, because most of you are probably snorting a drink through your nose after that one.

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